10 ways couples can survive cheating in marriage

The recent hacking of a website called Ashley Madison, which projects itself as the safest website to find people for having affairs and cheating on your partners, has brought up the issue of cheating in a marriage.

Studies have suggested that 25% of men and 11% of women end up cheating on their spouses at some point of time. This is because humans are not wired biologically for monogamy, despite the cultural and religious assumptions. Also infidelity is perhaps the number one reason for couples visiting a therapist.

An old marriage dies when infidelity takes place. But there is no reason for a new marriage or starting over in a relationship cannot happen. Here are some ways in which couples can bounce back from infidelity in relationship.

1 Practice gratefulness

One of the best ways to restart in a relationship is to be grateful again to your partners. Showing gratitude towards your partner ensures positivity being flowed in the relationship.

Despite being consumed with unfaithfulness and misery try and focus on being given another chance to work on your relationship.

Practice gratefulness

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