The 2 year old boy from Alabama who received a Christmas gift from his dad in heaven

The 2 year old boy from Alabama who received a Christmas gift from his dad in heaven


The death of parents can leave behind a void that can never be filled by anyone. When one loses a parent at a tender age, it can leave behind mixed feelings as the child hopes for that parent to come back sometime soon. This 2 year old boy from Alabama was overjoyed when he received a Christmas gift from his father in heaven. This is what actually happened.

1 The Death of Cody Wells

Cody Wells, a US Army veteran was killed in a car crash in April 2016. He was working as a corrections officer at the Fort Payne Police Department. His car had slid off the road at around 3.30 AM on the morning of April 3 2016 and had struck a tree. The impact had been so strong that he was killed on the spot.

The Death of Cody Wells

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2 When the News of His Death Reached his Wife Danielle

When the doorbell rang, Danielle had thought that it was Cody who had come home as he might have forgotten his keys or something. But upon opening the door she was shocked to find his co-workers there, who had broken the news of his death to her.

When the News of His Death Reached his Wife Danielle

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3 The Man Who Designed Cody’s Headstone

Chris Blake had designed Cody’s Headstone. He was a very sensitive guy and understood the little boy’s distress of losing his father. This is what prompted him to do a kind deed.

The Man Who Designed Cody’s Headstone

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4 2 Year Old Braxton’s Christmas Eve Distress

Danielle could sense her 2 year old son’s distress at not finding his father around during Christmas. Braxton was missing his dad Cody and was looking forward to receiving a Christmas present from him. When he had finished opening all his presents in the morning and had found none from his dad, he was worried that he had forgotten about him.

2 Year Old Braxton’s Christmas Eve Distress

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5 Braxton’s Surprise Christmas present

A soon as Danielle had stopped her car near Cody’s grave site, Braxton found a present lying there and ran towards it excitedly. He said he was worried that his daddy had forgotten about him but was now elated as he thought that his dad had flown down from heaven and had left the gift for him. Danielle eyes welled with tears as she saw her son smiling from ear to ear.

Braxton’s Surprise Christmas present

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6 Who left that Christmas Gift for Braxton?

It was Chris Blake, the guy who had designed Cody’s headstone who had left the gift for Braxton on his father’s grave. He had called Danielle beforehand and had informed her about this. He had left it to Danielle to explain the details about who had left back the gift for Braxton. But even before she could say something, Braxton had assumed that his father had flown down from heaven to leave the gift for him.

Who left that Christmas Gift for Braxton

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Small acts of kindness like these can fill a few unfortunate lives with joy.

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