61-Year-old homeless man sacrificed his life to save a woman

Who do you think are heroes? Real men out there in the world who have the courage to stand up for others are true heroes. Such is the courage of heroic people that they don’t even think about their own lives’ when it comes to helping others. We are going to tell you the story of one such hero, who sacrificed his own life in order to save a woman from a man who was threatening to kill her. Such people are the children of God, sent as angels by him to save others. This 61-year-old man saved a woman just outside a church, and truly became her guardian angel in this situation. Read on to know the entire story. You can also watch the video of his heroic act on the last page.

1 Woman held hostage at gunpoint

A woman was visiting the famous San Paulo Cathedral in Brazil. A man named Luiz Antonia da Silva was also there. According to the cathedral security guard, both of them had gone to the church and spent some time there, and while leaving an argument erupted between the two. The lady wanted to leave when Luiz (gunman) grabbed her arm and assaulted her outside the church. The lady asked for help, but no one came out to rescue her from the hostage of

Woman being threatened

Image Source: www.wereblog.com

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