8 Babies who weighed the most at the time of their birth in history

People, philosophers and scholars have all debated for ages about the question: which hurts more, giving birth or being kicked in the happy place?

Though nobody has expressed their experience of both pushing a human out of their own bodies and having the bejesus kicked out him literally when football is hit with extreme accuracy straight into their testicles from close range, but it’s probably time for men all over the world to acknowledge defeat.

Fathers everywhere should get on their knees straight away, inch over to the mother of their child and take a huge bow at their feet, because women are badass heroes. Especially these 8 mothers who gave birth to the 8 heaviest documented kids.

The entries here have been checked for accuracy and their eye watering weights at the time of their birth are correct. Read on to find out who are the 8 wonderfully large bundles of joy.

8 Stephon Hendrix Loius-Jean – 14lb, 130z

Stephen Hendrix Loius-Jean was born with the weighing scale reading 14lb, 130z. The mother of the child Marie Michel of Connecticut has 4 children previously whose weights were in the range of 8.5lb to 12lb; hence she was acclimatized to such heavy labour.

Stephen, who was almost 23 inches long at the time of his birth, shattered the hospital record that had stood for 18 years.

Stephon Hendrix Loius-Jean – 14lb, 130z

Image Source: www.therichestimages.com

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