8 Horror movies such badly overrated that you feel bored watching them

Movie watching is one experience all of us swear by, no matter where in the world we are based. Especially when it comes to watching horror movies, the best of fans and the strictest of critics have to warm up a little to get into groove. However, when a horror movie that you had been waiting to watch almost forever, turns out to be a dud, there is nothing more pathetic.

There have been classic horror movies, cult horror flicks and then again, some overrated horror movies. Check out the most overrated horror movies of our times that we fail to get scared by—no matter how many times we gorge over them!

1 Paranormal Activity

Now this has come in not one, but five installments over the years. While the spooky idea of having video cam footage based horror flick sounds appealing on paper and on trailers, the actual movies were duds. There is no character build up, no innovative thought or no creative visualizations of the haunting. Night camera footage never scares the hell out of us anymore.

Paranormal Activity

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