A Facebook post about the ‘happy’ song cost this woman her life

Turns out, it’s not only alcohol that’s required to get you ramming your car into a tree by the highway when you’re driving. Even a split second of your attention being diverted can result in something disastrous. An example of such is a rather solemn, yet ironical accident related to a silly facebook post that happened close to a year ago. Something that deeply remains ingrained in our brains to throw away our phones while we drive.

1 What went down on that fateful day?

It was a normal, humdrum day for 32-year-old North Carolina woman, Courtney Stanford, rolling down the busy lanes in her car, listening to music and using her phone, side by side. Who would’ve thought, that she’d be breathing her last as a result of her ‘way-too-casual’ driving.

Following the crossing of the center median of a busy road, Courtney from High Point hit a recycling truck in front of her. Footage from the scene showed that the car skid off the roads, and caught fire due to the excessive impact of friction. The car, ablaze, landed into a ditch by some trees.

It was more of collateral damage, but slightly inclined more towards Courtney’s vehicle. The recycling truck was also a few feet away, also in the grass. 911 were dialed into dial pads, but in vain, as Courtney had already passed away.

What went down on that fateful day?

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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