10 Of the most shocking accidents on carnival and Amusement Park rides

Amusement parks can be fun for the many thrill seekers wanting to enjoy those spine chilling roller coasters. Prior to technology taking over entertainment, a visit to the amusement park was staple entertainment for families across the US. Unfortunately, mechanical problems cropped up several times due to the not so advanced technology of operative systems in those days. As a result several mishaps occurred. Surprisingly though amusement park mishaps are even occurring now and some are so deadly they have ended in the loss of life. Take a look at the ten shocking carnival mishaps due to technical errors, malfunction and plain old carelessness.

1 Swings at Cardiff Collide With Strong Winds

It was 2014 when bystanders in Cardiff Winter wonderland got the shock of their lives as they witnessed carriages of the Sky swing collide with one another incessantly because of strong gusts of winds. As the world’s tallest swing suspended 200 feet high, carriages which were full began violent clashing with each other even as the occupants screamed for their lives.

Although the management declared the safety mechanism was applied to shut of the ride due to winds, operators judgment was in question as to why riders were allowed in the first place. That must have been an eerie experience.

Swings at Cardiff Collide

Image Source: www.imgix.net

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