10 Simple yet amazing weddings that cost couples barely much

10 Simple yet amazing weddings that cost couples barely much


Wedding is not about how much you spend on it; it’s about celebrating the beginning of marriage. Hence, budget weddings can be as fun as expensive weddings, if planned properly. Presenting to you some of the real budget-friendly amazing weddings from across the world!

1 Let Creativity Flow

Lisa Leonard married the man of her dreams in a simple yet creative wedding. Lisa decided to ask many of her friends who had a knack for photography to capture their wedding moments. She wore the wedding dress of her mother which fitted her perfectly. She shopped from flea market in Southern California for the table centrepieces for this amazing wedding.

 Let Creativity Flow

Image Source: www.bridalguide.com

2 Get More Involved in the Preparations

Leanne and Chris got married on a £5000 wedding budget in 2011. The first step was to make as much as they could themselves. For example, creating some beautiful DIY invitation cards which cost them quarter of the price they would have spent to get them printed.

Get More Involved in the Preparations

Image Source: www.budgetbridecompany.com

3 Take Things into Your Hands

Abby and Liam had a colourful wedding on a £3000 budget. Their preparations started months before the D-day arrived. They spent sleepless nights punching circles, sewing garlands, painting signs and glass jars, and doing much more for their wedding. The biggest wedding savings came in the form of DIY invitations and decorations.

Take Things into Your Hands

Image Source: www.budgetbridecompany.com

4 Let Vegas do it’s Magic

Anna and John had a wedding in Las Vegas in the Little White Wedding Chapel for $300 only, including photos and flowers.

Let Vegas do it’s Magic

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5 Get Great Steals Online

Lucie and Carl had a budget wedding with a strict limit of £2500 for their celebrations. The wedding ring and bands and other required things for the wedding were brought from eBay at discounted prices. They even designed Alice in Wonderland themed wedding invitations.

Get Great Steals Online

Image Source: www.budgetbridecompany.com

6 Mr.Potter to the Rescue!

Jasmine and Derek married in a Harry Potter Themed Wedding on a £2500 budget. They spent months on trying to make their ideas turn into reality. The Harry Potter theme made the decorations far cheaper than the usual ones and this gives them a place in our list of amazing weddings.

Mr.Potter to the Rescue!

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7 Save by Thrifting

Georgina and Sid redefined the whole definition of budget wedding by getting married on a £1 budget. (Apart from the £70 they had to pay for their marriage fees). They acquired rings, flowers, cake and a photographer through various donations and from recycling old clothes. They served homemade food. They also hosted a picnic reception in Scottish Highlands.

Save by Thrifting

Image Source: www.businessinsider.in

8 Budget Cleverly

Sara and Matt got married for under $2000. Their wedding was focused on community and connection. They wanted a wedding in a handcrafted and budgeted manner. Their wedding took place near a lake and the Sara’s wedding dress cost her only $15. Now that’s truly a budget wedding!

Budget Cleverly

Image Source: www.redcarpetvideo.co.uk

9 Win Hearts through Simplicity

Gillian and Herb got married in her parent’s backyard in a simple ceremony. Her dress was a two-piece linen skirt and top. It was perfect for its simplicity and can be safely called a simple yet amazing wedding.

Win Hearts through Simplicity

Image Source: www.rackcdn.com

10 Go for a Homely Wedding

Valerie had a homemade wedding. They had their reception hosted in a historic barn. The decorations were done with DIY things, which were made with the help of family and friends. They served homemade cake and yummy food.

Weddings should not revolve around the cost of your wedding dress, the size of the rock or a five course gourmet meal. They are about finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with. As long as you have the perfect partner by your side, nothing else matters. These couples prove exactly this point through their simplistic but memorable wedding events.

Go for a Homely Wedding

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