Awesome Guy takes his taxi driver to theme park, because he never visited one

Sometimes even small gestures mean something very big for someone else. Not everyone is fortunate enough to experience all the wonderful things that we take for granted. Financial hardships, personal problems prevent people from enjoying experiences that most of us enjoy without a second thought.

And if a stranger shows some kindness in any form to any one, it is the best thing one can do for another human. Even little gestures of happiness can bring a lot of difference for the other person.

One such thing happened when an unsuspecting taxi driver got a surprisingly joy filled offer from his passenger.

1 The Passenger

Liam Murphy is from Cork, Ireland. He was recently on a business trip to Dubai. He works as a Test engineer. While working on his project in Dubai, he decided to check out the city of Dubai and booked a cab for the whole day.

One the way he asked his taxi driver for the day Shakiha to take him to the indoor theme park Ferrari World. Liam said that he was in Abu dhabi for a week with EMC carrying out MVT (Manufacturing Validation Testing) to set up a new distributor for a new product called Vspex Blue.

The Passenger

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