Stephen hawking claims Black holes are passages into an alternate Universe

If you have read “A brief history of time’ you’ll understand how the mind of a genius works. That’s Stephen Hawking for you, the next best thing after Einstein and this man may blurt out something so fantastic beyond our wildest dreams but yet, he can also prove it through science and then you know begin to wonder what if Stephen Hawking is right?

What if Black Holes are passages to an alternate Universe? The thought of it is eerie but it could be true as you can’t discredit this man and say that it’s false.

1 Stephen Hawking’s latest paper states the incredible

In his latest published paper, Hawking states another theory based upon his own scientific insight that Black holes aren’t exactly voids of empty nothingness as previously thought. Instead of being an expanse of dark matter with the capacity to destroy everything, it could well be a passage akin to a portal to another universe.

The paper published in Physical review letters was co written with colleagues Professor Andrew Strominger, physicist at Harvard and Professor Malcolm Perry, theoretical physicist at Cambridge. If found correct by a consensus, it could well be the next biggest thing in the world of science solving the paradoxical subject of Black holes.

black holes aren't black

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