This boy had lost his nose, but doctors recently gave him a new lease of life

Medical science is improving day-by-day and doctors are finding and applying new ways to cure patients. Recently, an Indian boy grew a nose on his forehead and then had it transplanted in its correct place. This was needed because the boy had lost his nose as in infant and since then had been living every moment without a nose. Look at how this boy regained not just his nose, but also his life.

1 How did he lose his nose?

Arun Patel, from Indore in India is now 12 years old and has been in the news for a very remarkable reason. The boy had lost his nose when he was just a month old. He, at that time was suffering from pneumonia and had developed a serious nose infection. The untrained village doctors gave him injections, and that treatment unfortunately led to the shriveling of his nose tissues, because of which, it died and just fell off. Since then, Arun had been living like this only and was constantly made fun of.

Arun Patel, from Indore

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