This boy was stuck somewhere dangerous for three whole days. Watch the incident and rescue.

Children, who live alone, tend to find newer and newer ways in order to keep themselves busy and pass time. They tend to go away to some secluded places in order to play or roam here and there in order to pass time. But sometimes, this child play becomes serious and the fact that they are alone makes the whole scenario more dangerous. One 12 year old boy found this playing alone thing can be dangerous. Find out how and what happened?

1 The boy and how he got stuck

12 year old Aduragbemi Saka used to play near a café near his house in a small town of Oduduwa in the Ondo state of Nigeria. He used to visit there to play alone sometimes and one such game proved almost fatal for him. While playing near the café, he fell down a crack in a wall and a house that was wide enough to engulf him completely. He started crying and calling out for help, but due to some reasons, no one heard him. So in order to keep himself calm, he began to talk to himself and kept singing and shouting for help at regular intervals. However minutes turned into hours and eventually a day passed and no one heard him crying or calling for help and Saka was left all alone in the gap in the dark.

The boy and how he got stuck

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