Scientist says in case of a Biochemical Emergency; remove your bra to save your life

Could you ever imagine a bra that could be used for emergencies? Well the idea seems baffling at first because how exactly could a bra help you in any sort of emergency. Well as weird as it may sound, it can.

Read on to find out the famous emergency bra created by a Ukrainian scientist Dr Elena Bodnar

1 Useful in any biochemical situation

Dr Elena Bodnar a Ukrainian scientist has created the concept of an emergency bra which can be transformed into a face mask in event of a chemical explosion or any biological hazard. The device looks just like an ordinary bra but if by chance you suddenly find yourself in an explosion or a gas leak then all you need to do is separate the cups form each other, place the cup interior over your mouth and nose and use the strap to firmly grasp it in place.

The emergency bra converts into an effective gas mask where one cup is for the wearer and another can be given to someone in need standing next to you.

Useful in any biochemical situation

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