Can formulas really help love in today’s age? A Discovery revelead

Love is a feeling that comes naturally and the relationship is supposed to take a natural progression. The progression starts from love to courtship to relationship to marriage and possibly divorce. Maintaining a relationship is never an easy task and one has to learn during the course of relationship.

But scientists and psychologists have always tried and find out a fixed formula for probability of a relationship to work or end. There have been many scientists who have tried to figure out life, relationships and love. While others have said that let life unfold itself, some people wish to predict love and relationships on basis of data gathered from personal experience of their own and from others.

Therefore there is big question can love be predicted in the age where everyone runs after numbers and data to predict every single move of life?

Let’s find out.

1 What is big data?

Big data is an extensive term for data sets so large and compound that traditional data processing applications are insufficient. Challenges in big data comprise of analysis, data curation, search, allocation, storage, and transmission and information privacy.

Most of the times, the result of big data is based on predictive analysis and or combination of various high level methods of extracting value from gathered data. Accuracy in big data results may lead to better decision making in many important fields.

What is big data

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