Your child’s life may be in danger if you keep this common plant at home

Several people love adorning their homes with indoor plants. But before you purchase indoor plants or bring them home without knowing what they are, you need to be extremely careful. Just don’t pick up any wild plant and neither should you purchase any without finding out what the plant is, its species and its characteristics. This is one family that found out the negative aspects of keeping unknown indoor plants.

What they thought was a dangerous common indoor plant turned out to be a killer which almost took the life of their son.

1 This is the Dieffenbachia plant

There are quite a few indoor plant species that could even be poisonous. Take a good hard look at this plant. It’s called a Dieffenbachia. Weird sounding scientific name but it is highly poisonous as one family found to their horror.

Dieffenbachia plant

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