This couple was denied request to give their baby this name, because of a stupid reason


Shakespeare said that what is in a name? Well, if he would have been alive today, he would have been in a big shock as everything is in name today. This young baby who just came into the world is blissfully unaware that she is in the middle of an ugly incident regarding her name given to her by her parents and rejected by the Brazilian authorities. Check out the whole story below.

1 The baby and its name

Brazilian couple Cizinho Afreeka and Jéssica Juliana were eagerly waiting for their bundle of joy to be born and during a routine medical checkup, they found out that they were going to have a baby girl. The parents were jumping with joy and when the baby was born, they had to think of a name to give the baby and also to register in the Brazilian registration office. After pondering a lot on the name, the couple decided to name the kid Makeda Foluke. Makeda, which is Ethiopian in origin, is the name of the African Queen of Sheba and Foluke, which in Nigerian means “Grandiose that is at the care of God.” However when they applied for registration in Internal Affairs Court in Rio, they were in for a rude shock.

Brazilian couple Cizinho Afreeka and Jéssica

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2 The reason name got declined

The officials at the Internal Affairs Court had declined to register the name Makeda Foluke citing the name as too African and also saying that the name could be potentially embarrassing for the kid in the future. According to internal affairs, “when pronouncing the name in Portuguese it makes no sense at all, except for coming out wrong, which could provide possible future suffering for the person in social life.” They suggested to the couple that they should add a prename like Ana Maria before Makeda to make it more traditional. The issue has been seen as another racist instance of Brazilian officials as they have no problem in registering European sounding names, while frowning upon the names that are African in nature and origin.

The reason name got declined

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3 The standstill continues

The parents of the girl are sticking to their grounds saying either it will be Makeda Foluke or no registration at all. Now, If the judge does not authorize, it will be up to the party to appeal the decision in the procedure in the proper registry office that will forwarded to the Council of the Magistracy. The girl’s father Afreeka said that this is a type of racism in Brazil, racism of subtleties and he also said that they are sticking to their original name and are not giving up easily.

Makeda Foluke

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