How To Spot The Differences Between A Real And Fake Rolex

6The Cyclops

On the most popular Rolex watches is a tiny bit of magnifying lens that enlarges the date on the face of the watch. This is meant to give a 2.5 times magnification. The best way to know if the watch is real or fake is to look at the date sideways to see if the magnification still works. You can also feel the bump as on an authentic Rolex the Cyclops is convex.

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7The back of the watch

The one thing that the Rolex Company does it put all its bells and whistles on the front of the watch where it can be seen. The back of the watch which rests on your wrist is completely blank. There are no engravings, drawings or other decorations on this face of the watch. Fake watches will often have a clear back to showcase the internals of the watch which is something Rolex does not do.

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8The watch should be waterproof

A good example of Swiss design is that the Rolex watches are incredibly waterproof. The ones on the Oyster line are said to hold up for a whopping 100 meters underwater. Unfortunately, the fake ones cannot measure up to the real ones in this field as they are mostly “water-resistant” and will stop working after a few drips in any water.

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9The weight of the watch

These watches are so desired and so expensive because they are made of real materials like metal, gold, and silver. This adds weight to the watch and you can feel it on your wrist whenever you wear it. But, counterfeit Rolex watches are very light and feel weightless as they use cheap materials.

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10Crown etching

Since 2002 every Rolex produced has a tiny etched crown logo at the six o’clock position. You might need a magnifying glass to make out clearly but it will be present but counterfeiters have a hard time replicating this logo as it is so small. Many of them just leave it off the final product which is a dead giveaway that it is fake.

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