How To Spot The Differences Between A Real And Fake Rolex

11Buying from the right dealer

When you plan on buying a Rolex the best thing to do is to go to a shop physically and see before buying. There are many official Rolex shops placed around the world and many others who have real products. When buying online you need to make sure you’re buying from the right dealer so as to not get fooled online.

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12The date changes at midnight

The date on a Rolex should change around midnight. Sometimes the watch could be a few minutes off which means it requires maintenance because of which it does not change at the stroke of midnight. But, if your watch takes over 15 minutes to change then it is a fake.

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13The band of the watch

When you place your Rolex down on a flat surface the band should lie straight and not kink. Links spacing might stretch and widen with time, but the individual links should still fit together correctly. This shows the work that goes into making a Rolex and how to spot a real one from a fake.

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14The movement

Every Rolex watch is made with the same self-winding and mechanical internals. This is opposed to the quartz or battery-powered internals of other watch brands. Every watch also has “Rolex” engraved into them, although the placement of that engraving differs depending on the piece. These are the things the naked eye can catch on a fake.

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15The winder

The winder is the tiny dial present on every watch that helps you adjust the time or change the date. The winder on a real Rolex is going to be a tiny piece of art because of how intricately made it is. The amount of detailing that goes into it is outstanding and something that counterfeiters cannot replicate.

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