Doctors gave up hope but before they could switch of her life support, a miracle happens

When doctors decide to turn off a patient’s life support machine it could be a traumatic moment for the family. Imagine the rush of emotions when a coma patient moves minutes before that tragic event? It could bring on a huge chaos of mixed emotions where a minute too late would have ended a life which could have lived longer.

Sam Hemming in deep coma astounded doctors moments before they were about to pull the plug on her life support. The victim of a devastating car accident was labeled a miracle no less. A woman that had been brain dead was coming back to life. The coma patient wiggled her toe just as doctors were about to touch the switch.

1 She had her head smashed through the window

Sam Hemming from Hereford was being driven home from Birmingham New street station by her boyfriend when their car met with a horrible accident on the M6 highway. Sam was in a celebratory mood as she had just secured a 2:1 in her law exams from the Bangor University.

The force of the car crash threw Sam forward smashing her head through the car window. Sam’s boyfriend Tom Curtis was lucky to escape with minor injuries but Sam was in a serious condition. She was injured with broken bones in several places. Her ear was sliced off and four bones were broken in her neck as well.

patient in hospital

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