Investigators conduct experiment to see if Hotels wash their sheets, the results are shocking

What is the first thing you notice when entering a hotel room. Is it the facilities or the nice bouncy double bed with crisp clean white sheets? Has it ever occurred to you that those starched sheets may not be as clean as you think? Well if that has got you on a thought roll, then here’s some additional news, they don’t!! Hotel don’t wash sheets it seems.

The show “Inside edition” investigated this fact discreetly by performing a test for clean sheets and their results were socking to say the least.

1 What every traveler expects from a hotel

What every traveler longs for is to immerse themselves into the comforts of a hotel bed and the least thing on anybody’s mind would be the fact that you’re most probably lying on dirty sheets. The unique experiment involved an investigator spraying a washable fluorescent paint on a stencil saying “I slept here”. The words were detectable with ultraviolet light. The investigator then left the room. Can you guess what happens next?

What every traveler expects from a hotel

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