Most amazing and weird facts about the iconic movie, Wizard of Oz

“Somewhere Over the rainbow” these lines have been immortalized in history and many fondly remember them from the iconic song sung by child star Judy garland in the ‘Wizard of Oz” One of the most loved children movies of all time, the Wizard of Oz.

The fantasy world of OZ never fails to enthrall audiences worldwide even today when it is shown on television networks. Here are some incredible and weird facts about wizard of OZ.

1 The Movie Had Four Different Directors

The film actually had four directors. Victor Fleming, Richard Thorpe, George Cukor, King Vidor and Norman Taurog. Fleming left halfway to take over “gone with the wind”. Director George Cukor did a brief stint under supervision of producer Mervyn Leroy. It was King Vidor who finished the filming including the famous song ‘somewhere over the rainbow’

The Movie Had Four Different Directors

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