Check out these freaky facts about the greatest sprinter Usain Bolt

We all saw the lightning BOLT in action at Rio. Usain Bolt did it again; he took home three gold’s and added to his tally of records making Jamaica proud. Bolt has become an iconic figure of athletics track and field as the fastest man on the planet. Till date he has dominated the sport and the world will be sad to let him go as this was Bolts last Olympics.

Yes like Michael Phelps he has retired and the world will always remember Usain Bolt and his magical fast feet. Here are 10 fun facts about Usain Bolt.

1 The first Athlete to win three Olympic Gold in the 100 m track and field

Usain Bolt has proved himself three times outdoing Carl Lewis who was the first to break the 10 sec barrier. Bolt now has three Gold’s won from three consecutive Olympics.

Usain Bolt

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