This family brought a bowl for $3 and got a surprise of a lifetime!!

Luck is something that shines and if it shines, it will shine brightly. As it is with day and night, an unlucky period is followed by a lucky one and when the luck rains goodies, it really rains it. For a family in New York State, a random day of shopping at a neighborhood yard sale turned out to be one of the best shopping they did in their lives. A bowl brought for $3, changed their fortunes and we have the whole story for you.

1 The family who brought the bowl

A family in New York had gone through a yard sale in their neighborhood one day in 2007 and while checking out cheap stuff, came across a bowl that looked pretty old. They found it interesting and in good shape and brought it for $3 dollars among other things. The family went on to display the bowl in their living room for years as a priced purchased. But after having the bowl for so many years, they got curious about its heritage and history and contacted some people who knew about art. They investigated the bowl and the answer that they gave them, floored the family. The bowl which they brought for $3 dollars turned out to be a 1,000 year old bowl from China’s Song Dynasty. Lot more about the bowl in the next slide.

family who brought the bowl

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