Fisherman find world largest pearl but hides it instead for 10 years

Imagine finding a huge pearl and not even knowing its value. Some people have all the luck in the world just like this poor Philippine fisherman who found this solid white rock and actually kept it hidden for ten years without knowing the amazing valuable jewel he had with him. He had not even the faintest idea that he had found the world’s largest pearl.

The Philippine fisherman from Puerto Prinseca on Palawan Island found the gigantic pearl when his boat had got stuck on a giant clam. The incident occurred when his boat was anchored during a storm at sea. He had to swim underwater to dislodge it.

1 He Hid It for a Decade Not Knowing Its Million Dollar Value

For a decade the fisherman from Palawan had kept the massive giant 34 kg pearl hidden under his bed in hopes it would bring him good luck. Indeed it did. He may now be a very rich man. However when he had to relocate to another part of Palawan, he handed it over to his aunt Aileen Cynthia Magay Amurao in July. That was when the world came to know of this huge rock.

The enormous Pearl was valued for more than US$100 million. It weighed 34 kg and measured 2.2ft in length by 1 ft in width. As you can see in the mage, this was no ordinary pearl and perhaps isn’t just the largest pearl in the world but the largest ever found till date.

The enormous Pearl

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