You won’t believe how much this French couple spent to look like Real-Life Barbie and Ken

Every child likes to dream, it is only natural for them to do so. But then, very few are able to pursue their dreams due to factors like parental pressure, financial conditions, peer pressure etc. Very often, quite later on in life, people change their line of work and opt to pursue their dreams, such is their passion. What about those people who would do anything to realise their fantasy? This French couple went to the extremes to look like real life Ken and Barbie…..their favourite fictional characters….

1 Meet Anastasia Reskoss – Who has loved Barbie since she was a little Girl

Anastasia has always loved Barbie dolls since she was little, having a collection of over 100 Barbie dolls. By the time she reached high school, her fixation with the fictional character had reached an all time high, for she now wanted to look like Barbie! Now, it’s one thing to admire and another to compare. Poor self esteem about her looks led to the conclusion that she was too pale and not attractive enough. She opted for plastic surgery to realise this dream of hers.

Meet Anastasia Reskoss

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