Genius or stupid! Kids use fake calculator apps to hide photos from their parents

4 How to check such apps?

Now there is no particular way to find out such apps, but the more normal way is to check the iPhone app store and Android’s play store in order to check such apps and read their descriptions and make a note of it.

Teens are more probable to use apps when it comes to hiding their pictures, applications, text messages, and other data on their smartphones, it is still vital to know what devices offer when it comes to hiding apps and content.

How to check such apps?

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If your kid owns an iPhone, you can hide applications by going into the Settings > General > Restrictions and ticking off all applications that you want to hide on the main app screen. Repeat the said process in order to make the apps visible again.

Android smartphones also have the same choice of hiding apps. Go to the App Drawer > Home > Settings > Hide Applications and choose apps to hide. Repeat the process to unhide the apps.

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