Genius or stupid! Kids use fake calculator apps to hide photos from their parents

5 How to talk to your kids about this matter?

What to do if you find your child using one of these apps to hide their images and other content from you? First of all do not directly request them to show you whatever they have been hiding in their phones using these apps.

By doing so, you will lose the trust of your child and the child will not be able to open up to you in full again. Also some of these apps have a decoy system that lets the users make another account in case someone snoops around in their phone. The app lets the other person see curated data, hiding the important stuff, used specifically for such situations.

How to talk to your kids about this matter?<

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Instead sit down and talk to your teenager and during the conversation ask him or her, the need to hide stuff on their phones. It takes a lot of patience, but once you gain the trust of your child by explaining your concern, the teenagers will feel that you respect them and their need for private space and will open up to you and explain why did they felt the need to hide from you.

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