This girl has never seen the World and you’ll be shocked to know the reason why

Till today, the fascination for the cute Barbie doll has never ended. The obsession with this iconic toy has reached such epic proportions that girls and women have gone to extreme length of even looking like one. But what would you say to a mom who changed her own daughter into a real life Barbie so much so that this girl has never seen the world.

Meet the worlds real live Barbie, 26 year old Angelica Kenova from Russia. She looks like a real live Barbie and pretty is an understatement because she is simply adorable.

1 Dressing like a Barbie Form the Day She Was Born

According to Angelica, It was her Mothers obsession with Barbie dolls that led to her dressing her daughter like one. This started when she was a baby.. Now she looks like the real Barbie if not better.

Angelica the barbie girl

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Angelica says she was raised like a Disney princess, secluded form the world without being allowed to go out on dates. She never even experienced adult activity. Angelica was a virtual living doll living in a real life dolls house and thus never learnt what it meant to have a social life.

Angelica Disney princess

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