This girl posted a photo of headphones on social media and got something unbelievable in return

Harassment is never correct. And now thanks to internet, people have the power to harass others by commenting and sharing inappropriate and crass things degrading the female kind and even males. Being a girl on internet is already hard and some perverts have lots of time to comment filthy stuff on seemingly innocent tweets or images concerning with a woman and this 17 year old UK girl’s experience shows that a girl doesn’t have to be slu**y on internet to get harassed, you just have to post something inane and you will be harassed by someone. Check out the whole story down below.

1 Who is the girl and what she did?

Who is the girl and what she did?

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This girl is only known by her first name Cat and resides in South Wales in United Kingdom. She is like any other teenager studying hard and enjoying her time on internet and social media. Recently she brought a new pair of headphones and decided to share a photo of them with her friends on popular social media app Snapchat. Snapchat allows people to share photos with funny captions for a limited period of time before it is deleted. Cat took a photo of her new headphones laying on a piece of cloth and shared it with caption reading “New headphones”. But what she got back in comments was disgusting enough for her. Some stranger wrote “You wearing those, and nothing else, that would be heaven.” Cat is nowhere to be seen in the photo she posted, yet a pervert decided to harass her. She shared the image of her headphones and the comment on Twitter. Well her tweet went viral and she said “I saw the message and couldn’t help but thinking of how it seemed impossible as a young girl on the internet to share anything without running the risk of having someone message you inappropriate things.”

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