Her Boyfriend called her ugly but how she replies on Facebook will leave you stunned

Sometimes in life you are liable to get smacked in the face by fate or chance whatever you may call it. Never dish out rubbish to others or even discriminate against someone’s looks because you may just regret it. This particular guy was paid back in his own coin right there n social media and the one to do it was none other than his girlfriend who he jilted for another woman. His reason? She was ugly and he always taunted her for it.

The manner in which Brittany Shane hits back at the man who left her is priceless. When her boyfriend called her ugly and left her, she used the power of Facebook to teach him a lesson he would never forget. Perhaps there is a big lesson to be learnt from this story.

1 Here’s Brittany Shane. Does she look ugly?

Brittany Shane form Alabama was in the worst kind of relationship. Her boyfriend repeatedly mocked her, called her ugly, tacky and what not. He dominated every aspect of her appearance even her hairstyle. Unfortunately Brittany couldn’t not leave this idiot. She lacked the emotional strength to do so. Eventually he left her for someone “prettier’. But as Brittany would have it, she picked up the pieces and then embarked on an amazing path. Retribution in a non violent way. Read what she does on Facebook.

Brittany Shan

Image Source: www.auntyacid.com

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