A bully ruined her hair, but she stood up and showed how strong she is

Bullying someone in any environment is not acceptable. The most damaging place where bullying can severely affect someone is the school. When older kids bully young ones, the fear of getting hurt or getting things done to them, makes the child hate the school and this affects his education. Here in this case, a 15-year-old girl was bullied and a boy did something horrible to her and her response to the act is just too classy.

1 The bullying incident with the girl

15-year-old Hannah Grimmer was standing outside her class with her friends and having a casual conversation on 14th September, 2015. She studied in the freshman year of the Harker Heights High School and was beginning to enjoy her first year of high school. But on a fateful day, a boy decided to bully her and poured some superglue on her head. Hannah started to feel a burning sensation and was taken to the nurse of the school. As the assistant principal inquired her about the incident, she was barely able to give any answers due to the pain. She called her father and even he was not allowed to take her to the hospital until he threatened to call 911.

bullying incident with the girl

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