You need to sign a waiver if you want to stay in this real Haunted Hotel

Would you be brave enough to stay in a haunted Hotel? Well believe it or not, but if you lack the courage, there are many thrill seekers out there wanting to be scared out of their wits. And! The best place to do it is America’s most haunted hotel Shanley.

Hotel Shanley is as spooky as it gets but be warned if you think of spending a few days here. You may well have to sign a bond with the owners “At your own risk”

1 Take a look at Americas most haunted Hotel

The Hotel Shanley looks of course very much like those typical huge 18th century houses seen on regular haunting episodes. Isn’t that enough to give you the chills? The hotel is located near the Shawangunk Mountains, Ulster County New York and was once a former Bordello.

Hotel Shanley is so spooked that you experience paranormal activity throughout the day. This is no con game because the hotel has been the subject of several authentic and extensive paranormal investigations where thorough documented evidence exists on record about the haunting in the building. Investigations have also uncovered the historical past of the hotel and even its old inhabitants. Bill Muncey a reputed paranormal investigator sums up the hotel in his own words. “JUST BECAUSE YOU RENT A ROOM, DOESN’T MEAN YOULL END UP SLEEPING HERE’

The Hotel Shanley

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