Heroic teen catches odd thing on Snapchat and prevents possible school shooting

We all blame the technologies of today the smartphones, the tablets and other bad things for ruining a supposedly peaceful living routine, but one has to admit that the technology helps us in more positive ways than you think it does.

And using the technology to post jokes o social media is a new trend, but do not abuse the freedom these social media sites provide to us. One such teen tried to toe the line between acceptable social media behaviour and needless idiocy and was caught by the police.

All this thanks to a very alert and socially responsible teen, which brought the whole thing to the attention of the authorities and potentially stopped a catastrophic event.

1 The dangerous situation

A 16-year-old student at Sierra Linda High School, which is part of the Tolleson Union High School District, was arrested by the police for posting a picture on Snapchat showing several students in the hallway and with text “Planning the school shooting” added to the image.

“It is kinda scary. A little bit, ya know? Especially when you don’t know how serious kids are,” Sierra Linda parent Gabriel Ruelas said.

“You don’t want to hear that stuff come around at your kids’ schools,” Sierra Linda dad David Payres agreed.

The dangerous situation

Image Source: www.imgur.com

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