Nikola Tesla’s ground breaking theory of increasing human energy

Nikola Tesla’s ground breaking theory of increasing human energy


Nikola Tesla was an American-Serbian inventor that is known to invent things like alternating current (AC), induction motor and the fame Tesla coil. He immigrated to USA in 1884 and worked under Thomas Edison and eventually feuded with him in what is known as war of currents. However, Tesla is also famous for his theory of increasing human energy. He says that since body requires energy and hence we crave for more junk food as they have more calories and more energy. Tesla however says that the best source of energy for us is the sun. He said,” The sun is the spring that drives all. The sun maintains all human life and supplies all human energy.” He himself was obsessed with free energy and he detailed 3 steps of increasing human energy. Read on to find out more about what those steps are and how they help people conserve and increase their energy.

1 First Step

The first step in increasing your energy is to increase your mass. This can be done by exercising and adding the muscles in moderation to your body. As we eat plants and other vegetables for food, we are eating sunlight for energy indirectly. The plants and vegetables use sunlight for process of photosynthesis and forms CHO molecule which we consume through food and burn for energy. However, if we eat meat, this CHO molecule or fat is already consumed by the animals and is of no use for us and therefore Tesla recommends consuming this CHO first hand via plants and vegetables. Tesla says that consuming food closer to sun, avoiding energy wasting habits is the best practice to follow.

The first step in increasing your energy

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2 Second Step

The second step is stopping the forces that are decelerating human mass. One must take preventive measures and ensure that things and process that are obstacles in increasing the growth of our energy. Such negatives imply qualities which have the effect of turning good into potential bad. You should try to divert all the negative force in the correct direction and reduce the friction. “The friction which results from ignorance, and which is greatly increased owing to the numerous languages and nationalities, can be reduced only by the spread of knowledge and the unification of the heterogeneous elements of humanity. No effort could be better spent.” Nikola Tesla concludes. Tesla also says you need to cleanse your chakra which in turn allows energy to flow freely in the body and reduces the friction. In conclusion, one should use their talents in order to bring the best out of their flaws. Find peace and eliminate forces of friction and allow free flow of energy.

Second Step

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3 Third Step

The third step is increasing the force of human mass. One should also try and spend the energy that we have into the most efficient direction. We are driven by the force of our motives and the increase in our motive power means increase in our energy also. “Motive power means work. To increase the force accelerating human movement means, therefore, to perform more work.” says Nikola Tesla. More and more people should work towards a mutual goal, achieving it easily without spending excess of energy. To increase the force of humans, we should strive more towards using the sun’s energy.

Third Step

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