5 Major clues on how to recognize if you’re being stalked online

Social media has made people’s lives an open book where sites like Facebook reveal many details about a person. It is unfortunate that the advancements in technology has given rise to crime. Stalkers find it easier to get online information and data which makes access to you in real life easier. According to the Stalking Resource Center almost 7.5 million people are stalked annually which isn’t a good thing.

The most dangerous aspect of stalking is when the victim initially has no clue. Online curiosity and searching that guy or dude you met at a party may be harmless but for many sinister characters, the internet becomes the devils playground. Here are clues on how to recognize a stalker.

1 A stalker will obsess over your social media accounts

According to Ronald Holmes a professor of sex crimes and criminal profiling at Louisville University, the most common style of staling is domestic stalking. It concerns many who can’t deal with a break up. Holmes says that deleting social media accounts and avoiding posts that could trigger a stalkers obsession. Murders have taken place all because an ex put up a post with a new boyfriend. One should avoid public forums and switch over to sites like what’s app which is more private.

stalker on social media

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