There is a huge metal serpent living beneath the earth which is puzzling scientists

Now the mystery of mysteries, there’s a huge metal serpent beneath the earth and it is roaming around freely at an alarming rate. Sounds absurd?? No this isn’t some Harry Potter Tale, or a fantastic beast, this is actually a beast living within the metal confines of the earth’s outer core. It moves at a speed of 50 km per year and is currently in the Northern hemisphere moving towards Alaska and plans to tour Siberia.

Now the reality!!! This phenomenon was even declared at the convention of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco and is being influenced by the Earth’s magnetic field. Curious??? Find out what this really is.

1 It’s not a real serpent as you might have thought

It’s not a real serpent; it’s a large strip of extremely thick metal using a vast amount of energy to travel around the Earth’s outer core. Said Dr Chris Finlay senior scientist at the Technical University of Denmark, “this very dense liquid metal, and it takes a huge amount of energy to move this thing around. It probably has the fastest motion we have anywhere within the solid Earth.”

The large metal stream was first detected by The SWAN program initiated by the European Space Agency for the purpose of mapping Earth’s magnetic field in detail. Te liquid metal strip was detected moving at a fast pace and even accelerating its momentum.

The SWAN program

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