He found his wife cheating so he did this to her..

How exactly would you deal with an adulterous wife? Would you cry, scream and grovel at her feet or would you attempt to catch her red handed in the act and show her the front door. Well, to each his own but this man deserves a big thumbs up for not only getting even with his wife’s cheating ways, he even gifts her nice birthday surprise.

Read on to know the full story of what has been viral around the net for some time now. This man cooked up the most scheming plot to expose his cheating wife.

1 He Had a Feeling She Was Cheating

This hubby had a feeling his wife was cheating on him. The tell tale signs were all there. Smiling and texting, moving away while texting, texting and simply brushing off questions saying ‘it’s my mom!! Cmon!’

She started coming home late saying she worked late hours, the most classic sign of an affair. Even when he phoned co workers, they would remark that she had left long ago. She of course would attribute this to jokes played by colleagues on spouses.

hubby had a feeling his wife was cheating

Image Source: www.diply.com

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