Her husband needed a new kidney and as a last resort, she did this and got an awesome reply

Family is the biggest thing for all of us and we will do whatever it takes to see that our family is healthy and safe. We tend to go to any extremes when it comes to keeping the family safe and sound. One wife did something so ridiculous which also worked out nicely for them and saved her husband’s life. Read on to find out what happened.

1 The suffering husband

Peter and Jennifer were facing the worst crisis of their married lives. Peter was gravely ill as he was suffering from gradual kidney failure. His health was deteriorating day by day and since Jennifer was of another blood group, she couldn’t donate her kidney to save her husband’s life. Both husband and wife were running out of both ideas and time to get a new kidney for her husband and both knew that peter was dying. Both knew they had to come up with an idea to save Peter and that’s when Jennifer came up with an idea so ridiculous that even she didn’t thought it will work.

The suffering husband

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