Her husband needed a new kidney and as a last resort, she did this and got an awesome reply

3 The response

When the local news station decided to run Jennifer and Peter’s story and Jennifer’s unique idea of writing the plea on the window of her car and driving it around the town, many people watched their story and a woman by the name of Kelly was one such person. The news story showed Peter and her 3 daughters and how they were running from pillar to post to secure a kidney for Peter. Kelly was of the same blood group as Peter and she decided to donate a kidney to Peter so that the 3 children could continue to have their father. Her reason was that she had lost her dad when she was young and how difficult it was for her to not have a dad. She immediately called the number and Peter himself answered the phone. But Peter had suffered a stroke before the transplant could take place and this postponed the transplant for indefinite amount of time. But eventually he managed to recover from the stroke and later had the transplant. Both Peter and Kelly are living healthy lives now and refer to each other as brother and sister.

Jennifer and Peter’s story

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