14 Images that may make you uneasy proving you have Thallasophobia or a fear of the sea

14 Images that may make you uneasy proving you have Thallasophobia or a fear of the sea


Are you afraid of water? Do you have this fear of the sea and gasp at the experience of even tiny waves pulling at your ankles on the beach? If you do then you could be having thalassophobia which is a fear of the sea. Here is a unique way of finding out if you truly have the condition. Take a look at these fifteen pictures and see if they intimidate you in any way. Here is the first one.

1 You could have had this fear from a child and not known it

How does this make you feel?

How does this make you feel

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

2 Is this creepy to you?

Did you experience even a tiny leap of your heart or a faint cold shiver

Shark in the water

Image Source: www.yandex.ru

3 Is this uncomfortable for you?

This looks a very psychological picture and it might make you feel uncomfortable

psychological picture

Image Source: www.aftonbladet.se

4 How about this one?

Could you imagine yourself on this boat?

Could you imagine yourself on this boat

Image Source: www.twimg.com

5 How would you react seeing these two faces in the sand?

Imagine walking in the water along a beach and seeing this staring back at you

seeing these two faces

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

6 What if you had to see this?

An empty sort of chair in the ocean, does it somehow give you a feeling of being trapped underwater and it’s you sitting on that chair.

chair in the ocean

Image Source: www.paoloruffini.it

7 Confronted with aliens in the deep

This is undoubtedly some marine animal but would you like to come face to face with it?

Confronted with aliens in the deep

Image Source: www.edgecastcdn.net

8 Are your hairs standing as yet?

Stay with me, there are more.

Shark in the ocean

Image Source: www.dumpaday.com

9 How about a rollercoaster ride in the deep

Makes you shiver doesn’t it?

rollercoaster ride in the deep

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

10 A huge tsunami like wave

Honestly do you dream always of a tidal wave coming at you or flooding? But it’s bad enough seeing tidal waves what about the creepy crawlies in this one.

Tsunami like wave

Image Source: wwwtwimg.com

11 Can you see yourself standing on the brink of this?

The fear of heights would never allow someone peering down a hole like that, it is the same with the fear of the sea, and would you be able to peer down something like this.

standing on the brink

Image Source: www.twimg.com

12 What about this?

Isn’t this even scarier. Doesn’t it give you a feeling of helplessness?

sink hole in the lake

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

13 Feel sick?

Does this image make you feel pukish or even a little uneasy?

Feel sick

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com

14 And finally the finale

This is definitely something that will make anyone develop a fear of the sea let alone you. If you were uneasy throughout the images, then you truly have thalassophobia.


Image Source: www.imgur.com

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