10 Jobs that pay the highest salaries in the World except America

Regardless of what job you may be working in, it’s always the same. You never get paid what you deserve. For those committed and dedicated to their job, a few extra hours here and there don’t really matter to you but you know what?? It does because you are being productive for your company. The only problem is that your company may not even realize that.

The irony of the situation is that the same productive work if done in another country may just about pay you double than what you earn now. Unfortunately though, exploitation isn’t a rare word for job workers the world over and the US is no different. Here are 10 of the world’s highest paying jobs but you won’t get that in America.

1 Hotel Receptionist

A hotel receptionist may be required to do more than what their job profile dictates. What employers don’t realize is the importance of a receptionist in reflecting the character of your company.

Hotel Receptionist

Image Source: www.9gid.com

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