This very important kitchen appliance has been banned in Russia for a long time. Know why they did so?

Mother Russia is one tough country as it has been invaded time and again and still has managed to be one of the super powers of the world. But it is also known for the toughness shown by its countrymen and women in living in some of the hardest conditions in the world and for having very strong opinions that might differ from the rest of the world. One such decision of the Russians was made in 1976, that has affected how they have cooked their food for so long.

1 The kitchen appliance which is banned in Russia

The Soviet Russia is known to do many bizarre things and the internet is the living proof of that. However it has been since the start of time and in 1976, they decided to ban the microwaves on the basis of Swiss food chemist Hans Hertel’s so called experiment that microwaves are unsafe for cooking your food and Russians took notice of that fact and banned the appliance from their country.

kitchen appliance which is banned in Russia

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