Learn how to get an 86% bigger burrito at Chipotle

Everyone loves to have fast food from places like McDonalds, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Chipotle. The taste and varieties of food always tingles everyone’s taste buds.

It also gives us a chance to break away from the routine food you eat at home. But the attraction of eating it every day is something everyone wants to avoid as the fast food can be very fattening. But this guy found out a way in the system of ordering food at chipotle that made him probably every foodie’s darling.

Dylan Grosz deduced a way using nothing but simple mathematical reasoning to find out how you can increase the size of your Chipotle burrito by 86%.

1 The experiment

Dylan was challenged by a co-worker of finding out a way to get most a chipotle burrito. Dylan had to do a lot of research which involved eating lots of burritos from various places.

Hence the inner geek of Dylan rose up and he started collating all the data by ordering 5 burritos a day for one week. He then weighed the ingredients present in each of the burritos. He tried every permutation and combination of all the ingredients in order to find out the maximum increase of burrito size.

Here are the tips that will help you increase your burrito size.

The experiment

Image Source: www.apartmentlist.com

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