Have you broken these rules of Etiquette? Learn the correct way now

You may have read about what Etiquette demands you to do as part of correct social norms but there are also several actions that Etiquette says you should never do as it could be impolite or displays unsocial and undignified behavior. Well, I must admit. in today’s modern world of liberal extremes, everything goes, but there’s always room for character and that’s where etiquette plays an important role.

Here are 10 rules of Etiquette that should never be broken or have you already?

1 You’re clapping the wrong way

Human!! You’re a human so don’t clap in front of your face like a monkey. Clap at chest length and to the left but never in front of another person’s face. It’s rude!!

clapping the wrong way

Image Source: www.fod4.com

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