Incredibly short Love Stories that are more meaningful than any romantic movie

Love!! It can have huge meaning for some while for others love is nothing but a symbol, a word that people flaunted during the flower power of the Woodstock era. How or what is the true definition of love can mean a variety of things. It can take a whole three hour movie like the titanic to explain love or it could take incredibly short love stories like these to give you the big picture and the true meaning of love.

These really short love stories in as few words as possible sums up love that can last for a lifetime.

1 Compassion breeds love

Take a look at this dads’ humble confession. “Today, I walked my daughter down the aisle’’ he says. The man whom the daughter is marrying is none other than a victim of paralysis where doctors felt he would never walk again. That was 12 years ago. Today he was standing proudly at the Altar thankful for the one soul who nursed and brought him back to his feet again. His would be wife and father in law.

Compassion breeds love

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