Major brands drop letters A ‘B and O from names in fantastic worldwide campaign. Find out why

Were you aware that for one whole week in August between 16th and 21st, a new trend of brands dropping letters suddenly cropped up across the globe as an initiative to draw awareness to a social cause? When you hear the reason why you’ll be shocked and stunned to realize that the world lacks an important ingredient which could save lives.

Large companies and big brands both consumer giants and food chains alike had simply blacked out the letter A, B, and O from their signs. Restaurants and food biggies like Mcdonalds read MCD*N*LDS. The daily Mirror read MIRR*R. do you know why?

1 Consumer majors from six countries came together for a phenomenal campaign

All of the consumer majors had chipped in together to formulate one huge worldwide campaign to draw attention to a noble cause. The LACK OF BLOOD!! Incredible as it may seem, even as donation camps spring up on every occasion, there is a serious lack of blood worldwide.

This is why the missing letters create an opposite effect of being noticed even more prominently to draw attention to this problem. The world isn’t aware that in the past decade there has been a 30% decrease in blood donation. This was the best way to do generate awareness about it.

phenomenal campaign

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