Man Found With a Family of Cockroaches Living Inside His Ear and His Scan Goes Viral


Earaches can be caused by many factors and when inflammation or infection of the ear is not one of them, it could also be insects inside the year. An insect flying inside the year is not an uncommon occurrence where over the years we have read stories on the internet of ticks and even spiders found inside people’s ears but now the latest news of a cockroach and its entire family residing inside a man’s ear really takes the cake.

1A cockroach found inside a man’s ear

Yes cockroach and its entire family was found inside the ear of a man in China when he started complaining of severe pain inside his ear. The man in question is a 24-year-old named only as Mr. Lv who was woken up in the night with a sharp stinging pain in his right ear. Obviously, at the time he wasn’t to know what could be causing it and assumed it might have been an infection or a bad earache.

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2He woke up with sharp pains in his ear

Lv then woke up one of his family members to shine a torch and see what could be inside his ear if something external was causing it. When the family member did so they were horror-struck to see a large cockroach inside Lv’s ear canal. That was what was causing Lv a sharp pain in the ear.

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3He was shocked with what he found

Lv must have been dumfounded and shocked as well as horrified but that didn’t stop him from rushing to the hospital. Lv went to the Sanhe Hospital in Huizhou city and that’s when his nightmare continued to take on a further turn and twist that would horrify him even more.

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4Rushed to the hospital where more horrors awaited

The doctor who checked him was an ENT specialist Dr Zhong Yijin as reported by 7 News. The doctor too was shocked to find no less than 10 cockroach babies inside his ear. That’s right, the cockroach had shifted its entire family into the cozy confines of Lv’s ear. Speaking to reporters, the doctor said.

“He said his ear hurt a lot like something was scratching or crawling inside. It caused a lot of discomfort,” said Dr. Zhong Yijin, I discovered more than 10 cockroach babies inside. They were already running around.”

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5Doctors removed the roaches one by one

The doctor then removed all the roaches with tweezers pulling them out one by one. He pulled the large one out last. Both could not ascertain how long the roaches had been living there. It seemed that the roaches had hatched inside his ear and were lighter in color than the larger cockroach. Lv was then prescribed some antibiotic ointment.

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6He had a habit of leaving food near his bed

According to the head of the ENT department Dr. Li Jinyuan, Lv had a habit of leaving unfinished packets of food near his bedside and some even near his head area. This was definitely what was attracting the parasites.

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7One female can lay 40 eggs

A female cockroach can carry upto 40 eggs said deputy head ENT Jian Tengxiang. “Household hygiene helps to prevent the appearance and spread of cockroaches.“Disinfect drains and sewers. Use mosquito nets and screens on windows. “That’ll stop insects from flying or crawling into your noses and ears.”

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8Not the first case of something bizarre in people’s ears

This was not the only case of weird things inside people’s bodies. There have been even more bizarre and gut-wrenching cases reported from different parts of the world in the past year such as the one from Karnataka, India where a video surfaced of a surgeon removing a 15 cm long parasitic worm from a man’s eye that went viral on social media. The event took place in Kundapur, Karnataka and the doctor who performed the procedure was Dr. Srikanth Shetty who decided to remove the worm immediately or else it would have put the patient’s eyesight at risk.

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9100 tapeworm eggs in the brain

Yet a few months ago, again in India, one doctor at a private hospital in New Delhi found 100 tapeworm eggs in the brain of an 8-year-old girl from Gurgaon. It seems that the occurrence of insects and bugs crawling in people’s ears is quite widespread and one wonders what to do in such an instance.

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10How to remove a bug in your ear

According to medical news, there symptoms of a bug in your ear will be a sensation of crawling, fullness, pus or blood and a loss of hearing. Follow these steps to remove the big from your ear.

Remain calm. Keep head tilted to the affected side and shake so that it can get dislodged. Never hit the ear. If the bug is still alive, pour a tiny bit of olive oil or vegetable oil into the ear to suffocate it. If it is dead try to flush it out using warm water. Do not stick tweezers or cotton buds into your ear as these will push the bug deeper down towards the eardrum.

In case it involves a child with a history of ear infection, or perforated eardrum, see a doctor immediately. Watch the video of the man with 10 cockroaches in his ear.

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