Man Found With a Family of Cockroaches Living Inside His Ear and His Scan Goes Viral

Earaches can be caused by many factors and when inflammation or infection of the ear is not one of them, it could also be insects inside the year. An insect flying inside the year is not an uncommon occurrence where over the years we have read stories on the internet of ticks and even spiders found inside people’s ears but now the latest news of a cockroach and its entire family residing inside a man’s ear really takes the cake.

1A cockroach found inside a man’s ear

Yes cockroach and its entire family was found inside the ear of a man in China when he started complaining of severe pain inside his ear. The man in question is a 24-year-old named only as Mr. Lv who was woken up in the night with a sharp stinging pain in his right ear. Obviously, at the time he wasn’t to know what could be causing it and assumed it might have been an infection or a bad earache.

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2He woke up with sharp pains in his ear

Lv then woke up one of his family members to shine a torch and see what could be inside his ear if something external was causing it. When the family member did so they were horror-struck to see a large cockroach inside Lv’s ear canal. That was what was causing Lv a sharp pain in the ear.

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3He was shocked with what he found

Lv must have been dumfounded and shocked as well as horrified but that didn’t stop him from rushing to the hospital. Lv went to the Sanhe Hospital in Huizhou city and that’s when his nightmare continued to take on a further turn and twist that would horrify him even more.

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