9 Mind boggling incidents to ever happen on a cruise ship

Leon Klinghoffer was on board Achille Lauro, an Italian cruise ship in 1985 along with his 11 friends which included his wife. Klinghoffer was wheelchair bound after 2 strokes, but was adamant on celebrating his 59th birthday on the ship. Unfortunately all of this turned sour as terrorists took over the ship and held the passengers hostage demanding release of prisoners from Israel. Negotiators took back the ship, but Klinghoffer was the lone casualty, as the terrorists murdered him and threw him overboard after shooting him multiple times.

1 Curse of Norwegian dream

The Norwegian Dream is the name of a cruise ship now and formerly known as Superstar Gemini. During the 14 years from 1998-2012, it held the name of Norwegian Dream and this period is considered as the worst period for the ship. In 1999, it collided with a container ship Ever Decent on its way to Dover, England. It again collided with a barge leaving port in 2007. In 2005, John Dresp took part in a snorkeling exercise and went underwater and vanished.

Curse of Norwegian dream

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