10 Mind boggling incidents to ever happen on a cruise ship

9 Mind boggling incidents to ever happen on a cruise ship


Leon Klinghoffer was on board Achille Lauro, an Italian cruise ship in 1985 along with his 11 friends which included his wife. Klinghoffer was wheelchair bound after 2 strokes, but was adamant on celebrating his 59th birthday on the ship. Unfortunately all of this turned sour as terrorists took over the ship and held the passengers hostage demanding release of prisoners from Israel. Negotiators took back the ship, but Klinghoffer was the lone casualty, as the terrorists murdered him and threw him overboard after shooting him multiple times.

1 Curse of Norwegian dream

The Norwegian Dream is the name of a cruise ship now and formerly known as Superstar Gemini. During the 14 years from 1998-2012, it held the name of Norwegian Dream and this period is considered as the worst period for the ship. In 1999, it collided with a container ship Ever Decent on its way to Dover, England. It again collided with a barge leaving port in 2007. In 2005, John Dresp took part in a snorkeling exercise and went underwater and vanished.

Curse of Norwegian dream

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2 Vision of seas

In March 2013, Vision of seas and Ruby Princess were hit by a bout of diarrhea and vomiting caused by Norovirus. Both passengers and crew members were sick and both shipped travelled to Caribbean and the total number of ill people came to 400. It is believed both the ships were not sanitized properly before embarking on a new tour.

Vision of seas

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3 Death happens on Disney Cruise

Herculaneum high student Austin Ray was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure on top of a metabolic disorder. 17 year old sports star and honor roll student departed on the Disney Wonder Cruise ship from Vancouver in May 2016. En route to Alaska, Ray told his parents he couldn’t breathe properly and then stopped breathing. The on board medics tried their best to revive him, but he passed away due to natural causes, devastating his family.

Death happens on Disney Cruise

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4 Mystery illness on Explorer of Seas

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Explorer of the Seas, embarked on his trip from New Jersey, but had to return to port after 2 days. The ship was hit by a mysterious gastrointestinal illness, making all the 600 people ill on board. It returned to port after consulting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and released a statement saying,”New reports of illness have decreased day-over-day, and many guests are again up and about. Nevertheless, the disruptions caused by the early wave of illness means that we were unable to deliver the vacation our guests were expecting.”

Death happens on Disney Cruise

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5 Unfortunate death on cruise ship Fantasy

People on the Carnival Cruise Line ship, The Fantasy was shocked on a fateful day in January 2012, as they were given the news of a person dying after falling from the ship. The victim was 26 years old Corporal Walter Eldrede Bouknight and there is still no consensus about how he died. Some believe it was a case of accidental death, as he fell between levels and died due to injuries, while some say he showed suicidal tendencies. New passengers were informed of the mishap and people who didn’t want to continue the journey were refunded their money.

Carnival Cruise Line ship

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6 The curious case of Carver

40 year old mom Merrian Carver had booked herself on a luxury cruise without informing anyone on her family. She had booked herself on Celebrity Cruise ship, Mercury, for an Alaskan cruise, but one the second day, attendant reported that Carver’s bed hadn’t been used from last night and there was no sign of her. The cruise covered her disappearance by not informing her family and packing away her belongings. They didn’t even check whether she boarded the ship and the security tapes were wiped out before anyone could see them.

Merrian Carver

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7 Death on honeymoon

In 2005, newlyweds Jennifer Hagels and George Smith embarked on the Royal Caribbean ship, Brilliance of the Seas for their honeymoon trip. They were reported enjoying their time when the ship was in turkey, but one morning Hagels found that she was alone in the hallway after a night of drinking. Her husband was not found anywhere and some suggested that he went overboard in a drunk state. She settled for $1.1 million with the cruise ship and people suspected that Smith’s disappearance was planned by Hagels.

Jennifer Hagels and George Smith

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8 The Poop Cruise

Carnival’s Triumph cruise in February 2013 will always be remembered as the Poop Cruise. The ship’s engine failed after it caught fire, knocking out all the services on the ship. The ship was in water for 4 days during which the food and water on board ran out; there was no air conditioning, no lights and no working toilets. The toilets backed up and the decks were filled with poop water and somehow the ship was towed to Mobile, Alabama. Passengers sued the cruise company for mental harassment.

Carnival Triumph

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9 Costa Concordia Shipwreck

Costa Concordia was a luxury ship with 4,252 people onboard, en route to Mediterranean Sea and when it took off from Lazio, it went off course near Isola del Giglio. As it approached the shore, rocks underneath the ship caused a 70 m gash in the ship. The boulder remained in the hull of the ship and caused the ship to sink. 32 people died during the 6 hour evacuation process and the Captain of the ship was charged with manslaughter for abandoning the ship.

Costa Concordia Shipwreck

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