Can you find the missing set of legs in this photo? Look hard and answer!!

This photo is setting the internet on fire with people tearing their hair out in frustration of not being able to solve the puzzle of the missing set of legs. These 6 ladies are seen enjoying drinks, which are in their hand, and sitting on the couch and posing excitedly with a smile for this photo that has been blowing everyone’s mind. Seemingly, the six ladies should have 6 sets of legs, but it seems that there is one set of legs missing. Can you find it? If not, click on next slide. If you have found it, please comment below your answer. Thanks.

1 The missing set of legs

Still trying to find the elusive sixth pair of legs? Start counting from the right. The lady sitting on the hand rest of the couch, clearly has her two legs, so do the girls besides her on the left have their legs counted on. The girl on the extreme right also has her legs in the black jeans. But the girls in the middle seem to share just one pair of legs. Those pair of legs in blue colored jeans belong either to the girl in the exact middle or to the girl to her left.

Girls on a couch

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