When this mom overhears her son’s conversation with an elderly woman, she is deeply touched

As a mother the biggest joy you can experience is when your child displays a sense of human kindness and generosity. It proves to you that as a mom you’ve been doing everything right and you deserve a pat on your back. This mom was deeply touched by her son act of kindness to an elderly woman.

When this mom took her kids to the Wal-Mart store they found an elderly couple waiting in the aisle. Now what exactly would any youngster do seeing an elderly couple? Well just about nothing much I guess, but not Michael.

1 Her son Michael sees an elderly couple in the aisle

Michael was this lady’s son. When he saw the elderly couple, he stopped to speak to the old lady. It was then when they were speaking that caught his mom’s attention. It was then that this mom was deeply touched by her sons beautiful behavior so much so she posted it on social media. She observed how the little boy interacted with the elderly woman and it melted her heart.

The elderly woman was in a wheel chair and perhaps that may have touched a chord in Michael’s heart. He approached the woman, smiled and said, “Hi! I’m Michael. What’s your name?” The woman smiled back and said her name was Molly.

elderly couple in the aisle

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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